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Collectible 09: Ammo Requisition Form When you get off the rig to defend Dizzy, check to the left of the rig. Collectible 10: Jacinto Sentinel Newspaper In the first building you enter in this chapter, check upstairs.

The Jacinto Sentinel Newspaper is near some grenades.

Hidden sequence When the "Gears Of War: Press Start" screen appears, do not press Start.

Allow the game to idle for a few minutes, and a bonus video will begin to play.

Collectible 07: COG Tags - Private Dylan Murphy As soon as you exit the hospital, turn right to find the tags behind a pillar.

Collectible 08: Grindlift Spec Sheet The Grindlift Spec Sheet is right behind you as you start, on the wall.

Additionally, a Corpser will also be wearing a cowboy hat.

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You will find a Grindlift, some ammo, and the journal here.Go to the left of the room and into a small adjacent room to find the Doctor's Journal.Collectible 04: Jacinto Medical Center File A few rooms ahead you will find a large, enclosed reception desk in the center of the room.Shoot the three hidden cowboy hats at the start of the chapter.You and the other COG will wear cowboy hats for the rest of the level.

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