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Anyways you might need/want to apply changes to reflect your configuration.For detailed explanations on all features check the [Morph XT Wiki] and the [official Morph XT FAQ] Let's start with the basic Get the latest version of Emulemorph Mod at [Sourceforge] You will get some zip file, that means emule does not need to be installed (Registry-stuff and such is not needed).

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If you disable Show more controls many of the following options might not be visible. Now clicking on options will result in a window with zoundillions of configuration options.

Warning: The following tutorial on how to use emule is rather lengthy as I wanted it to be complete.

That doesn't mean ed2k is in any way more difficult than Bit Torrent because I could write an equally long tutorial on BT covering all details.

The actual formula is 1kb/s upload will result in 3kb/s down.

If you set your upload to 10kb/s or more the download rate is unlinked.

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