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You would need to send the stat value of 25 on the second device.But you would have no way of knowing this without somehow synchronizing this information.For example, if a player got 15 headshots on their Xbox at home.Later, they got 10 more headshots on their Xbox at a friend's house.So even if you were to update with a lap time that's greater than their previous best, then their previous best would be overwritten.So please ensure in your title, that you are only sending the proper stat values based on your gameplay scenario. It already supports what you need and exposes high level API.

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In this case, you need to make certain effort to keep things in sync.Then you will need to do a bluetooth search with your laptop and you should find the CC-9060 either as a ‘Modem’ or as a ‘Serial Port’ service running.Once found connect up and enter 1234 as the passcode at this point you need to find out what ‘Outgoing Com Port’ the bluetooth software has connected to the car kit on, this varies depending on the software some makes it easy others like keeping it a secret but you NEED to know!Please update them to V174 first and then to the latest version.(This note is not relevant to the CC-9068).Hi i have a small problem and think i'm just not getting the correct syntax on one line of code. /** * Update CSV by row and column * * @param file To Update CSV file path to update e.g.

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