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If you try to use a cheapo USB flash drive that some company passed out at a trade show, you won't know from that initial screen why it failed.But the actual numbers are there for all to see, if you know where to look.Another very handsome 512MB leather-wrapped flash drive supplied by a vendor failed with dreadful read performance scores of 157 KB/sec.One of the most interesting failures was an A-Data 1GB drive, originally purchased from an online outlet store.

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Open Event Viewer (Eventvwr.msc) and click the Applications And Services Logs category in the console tree on the left.

Although the spec says 1.75 MB/sec write performance, the report in Event viewer would display this as 1750 KB/sec So how did my motley collection of flash drives do? Six drives, most of them originally given to me as freebies at various press events, failed because they were smaller than the minimum size.

One of my oldest flash drives, a PNY Attache 256MB device I bought about four years ago, passed with respectable scores (read 2920 KB/sec, write 3737 KB/sec). More typical was the story of a Micro Advantage 1GB Quicki Drive.

I have a 2GB My Flash drive that works just great for transferring files between machines; it just doesn't do well on the specific activities that count for the Ready Boost cache.

Grant Gibson has already begun compiling a list of devices that pass or fail the Ready Boost test.

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