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But he would never "come down from his fences, open the gate."So all of you, if you have someone in your life that loves you, lover, family, friend, do not fence them out!"You better let somebody love you, before it's too late."In 1976, I left home and moved to a "back to nature" style commune.There's a reason for the gentleness in the delivery of the lyrics. I love the lyric "Desperado, oh, you ain't gettin' no younger" for all the reasons it implies.11 years ago, I had married a woman named "F" and make a family life, has 2 children."Desperado" is possibly at a turning point in his life where some well-meaning, well-timed words might finally open him up to change. My wife "F" loved me, but I don't love her, but I continued to live my life with her because a sense of moral responsibility for my child.Faithfully "F" still waiting for me and keep her loved to me, and not just a sense of responsibility, there is also make me pity her, I decided to leave her but never divorce her. That you can not get ...")This song made me realize, because despite my love of the "A", she remains (lyrics: "queen of diamonds") who realized that I was never able to have it forever.("Desperado ... You Is not gettin 'no younger Your pain and your hunger ...

The song reminds me of my ex I had in college, you know the one that your supposed to meet there and marry when you graduate for that picture perfect life. i have listened to this sound my whole life(i'm 44) i dated the gorgeous wild party girls for years.

He was a true Bohemian in a rebellious age, and I loved that!

I was truly surprised when my older sis sent me the words to this song and said it was about me. To me, this song is about life lived by certain kinds of people.

I lived there with my boyfriend, who was anything but a "[King] of diamonds", I thought.

Now, I realize he was, not because of money but because he was the one that "sparkled" in my eyes.

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