Overcome height dating

It is the first thing I will notice, and starting a date with the realisation that I’ve been lied to doesn’t fill me with faith.

Why don’t you have the confidence to own your body, own your height, and rely on the fact this woman is on a date with you because she found you attractive and interesting with your pre-date words?

To make matters worse, he returned and we did eventually meet. After the last short guy I dated, I decided I wasn’t going to see him again.

Is it any different to a man asking a woman her weight?

And if you already have or are currently wrapped up in one, you'll know what I mean. Holding hands, one of the most intimate displays of public affection, gets complicated with a lot of arm bending and dangling.

(Hint: most of it involves compromise which, TBH, should be a core of any functioning relationship, despite how you measure up physically.)Someone has to stoop. Occasionally, this inspires a mild case of vertigo that causes one or both parties to trip and/or fall. Also, as the person who is typically shorter, I gotta say it makes you feel like you're being led on a field trip at a museum or something. Shorter people have to crane their neck and eyeballs up.

Men take body shape into account too, maybe not always in regards to the height but most men would probably have an idea of whether their perfect woman is slim or curvy.

Another issue surrounding a man’s height, is how often it is lied about.

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