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(xvii) "these Terms and Conditions" means these Terms and Conditions governing access and use of the Online Bill Payment Service, Mobile Bill Payment Service, or Mobile Prepaid Reload Service as amended from time to time. (xxii) Use of the terms "I", "me", "my", "mine" and "myself" refer to the person(s), corporations or entities and who has or have been issued and holds a valid VISA or Master Card credit card, and for the avoidance of doubt, shall include corporations or entities who authorise persons or agents to hold a valid VISA or Master Card credit card for and on behalf of the corporations or entities. Accessing the online bill payment, mobile bill payment or mobile prepaid reload services I may access and use the Services once I have complied with and completed the registration procedures in accordance with the procedures and prompts set out in Bill Payment or Prepaid Reload section of the Website and my application has been approved by you.(xviii) "Use of "the Services" means any access and/or use of the Online Bill Payment Service, Mobile Bill Payment Service and / or Mobile Prepaid Reload Services on or through the Website or my mobile phone. (xx) "Website" means the website found at (xxi) Use of the terms "the Bank", "you", "your", "yourselves" and "yours" refer to Citibank Berhad, 165 Jalan Ampang, P. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, I acknowledge that you may at your absolute discretion refuse registration to any one without giving any reason and/or notice thereof.For the avoidance of doubt, a Response is a response in respect of the Payment or Reload Instructions has been received by the Bank and shall not at any time signify a response indicating that payment has been made to the relevant Payee in accordance with the Payment or Reload Instructions.I expressly acknowledge and accept that the Services may be used for payment to any Payee (as set out in the Website), whether incurred by me or by third parties.To pay your NEW TM bill, Citibank advises you to setup a NEW payee and select TM Semenanjung, TM Sabah or TM Sarawak.Terms And Conditions Governing Access And Use of Citibank Online Bill Payment, Citi Mobile Bill Payment and Citi Mobile Prepaid Reload Services 1.(vii) "my Card" means my validly issued and unexpired VISA credit bearing the VISA logo and/or any relevant service marks licensed by VISA International or my validly issued and unexpired Master Card credit bearing the Master Card logo and/or any relevant service marks licensed by Master Card International, issued by any bank, financial institution or corporation with my name and Card or Card Account number imprinted or embossed on the Card, which Card may be used by me as a means of payment for purchases of and charges relating to the Payee's goods and services.

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as determined by you from time to time ("security information") into the Customer Terminal in accordance with the prompts and procedures set out in the Website.(xv) "SMS Instructions" means my Payment or Reload Instructions made through the mobile phone short messaging system send to the Short Code.(xvi) "Short Code" means Citibank SMS short code number 36700 where I will use it to send you my Payment or Reload instructions.In the premises, I hereby agree that any Payment or Reload Instructions received by you identified by the use of my Card or Account number, other security information shall be deemed to have been issued by me notwithstanding that such Payment or Reload Instructions may have been issued by a third party, whether authorised or otherwise, and that I shall be bound by such Payment or Reload Instructions.Where I am a corporation or business entity, I acknowledge and agree that the use of my Card or Account number and any identification or security information specified by the Bank from time to time, by any of my authorised user(s) shall be binding on me.

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