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The Bees open their season Thursday in Tacoma, with the home-opener on April 13.

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Once you have all of your essential skills at level 1, tap “Apply” to set those changes to your skill tree. You can now start adding points a few at a time to your essential skills and checking the stats menu to see how it is raising your damage numbers and revert to check another setup without having to reset the whole tree again because you already applied your outline.

You might say it was a short step to baseball, which he already followed on cable TV. "Basketball would have worked out fine, too." True enough.

He was 6-feet-1 at age 12, 6-7 at 14 and 7-feet at 15.

Paul Saints propped up for a one-game promotion in 2007. Watching him bring a fastball from 60-feet-6 inches must be like watching a falling redwood coming your way.

"(Players) say it's pretty scary when they're in there, because it looks like you're right on top of them when you release the ball," he says.

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