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The controversial teen shared a video on social media flaunting what appeared to be a hickey and going on Instagram Live with an unknown male friend, and fans are convinced she is off the market.

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They realize how fortunate they were to get out with their lives. But overall, he thinks that the survivors are a testament to the American spirit. We saw them helping each other get out of this killing field.

He said that the shooting quickly brought everyone at the festival together.

Phil visited was still wearing his purple wristband from the Route 91 Harvest Festival, the concert targeted by gunman Stephen Paddock, 64.

Another woman named Diane said she saw the flash of the gunfire and immediately knew it was gunfire. 'The next thing I know I was laying down and I was turning towards my girlfriend and then I turned towards another girlfriend and it was just this girl laying there dead next to me.

Her boyfriend, whoever she was with, was huddled over her so she wouldn't get shot again.' She thanked Dr.

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