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Age 54 From Jamul, California Online - 2 weeks ago Woman Seeking Man (5154 Miles Away) Wheelchair bound amusement park enthusiast looking for someone who can look beyond my wheels and see me. Age 53 From Belvidere, New Jersey Online - 2 weeks ago Woman Seeking Man (3257 Miles Away) I am simple, and kind, very easy going, straight forward, love to laugh and honest and sincere people :) Im heavy, so Im built for comfort, not for speed! Looking for someone to be my best friend and then we'll take it...

For further reading, see the TV Moments That Never Happened thread at Television Without Pity, the Original Vid Junkie's "Never Got Made" files, and the "Movies that Never Were" series at, the links for all of which are included in this lost movies entry.This can also refer to a Sequel Hook that never got a payoff, alternate casts or directors, or even tantalizing news that the entire story was A good place to find What Could Have Been is in DVD Commentary and out-of-continuity pilots used to pitch a show.Keep in mind that Tropes Are Tools and that the ideas and concepts implemented into the final product are sometimes better than What Could Have Been.See also The Other Marty, Vaporware, Development Hell, Dummied Out and Mid-Development Genre Shift.Contrast with Offscreen Moment of Awesome where a particularly grand moment is seemingly perfectly set up to happen but then isn't seen, and They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot for when they used an awesome idea in a horrible, way.

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