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This requires a diversification of their knowledge and leads to the capability of cross-linked thinking.

The success of the German economy is based on its ability to produce and deliver high quality products very efficiently.

The master program in Aeronautical Management at Hochschule Bremen - International Graduate Center provides an interdisciplinary insight into the aviation systems, i. airlines, maintenance facilities and legislational authorities. Applicants have to be graduates of bachelor study programs in aviation systems.

The Master of Business Administration - Global Management (MGM) program offered at Hochschule Bremen - International Graduate Center aims to provide the opportunity for junior managers to gain specific competences which are essential for successful global business today. The development of successful strategies, business models and business processes adapted to this service world requires a profound understanding and integration of technological, economical and societal issues.

Once you have successfully completed a Bachelor degree course, you have the possibility of adding the Masters in International Management at the EBC Hochschule.

The four-semester Masters in International Management will open up a wide range of career opportunities.

Façade Design bringt der Hersteller 3A Composites eine neue Art der Fassadengestaltung auf den Markt.

Drei beispielhafte Varianten aus Verformung und/ oder Bedruckung lassen sich mit individuellem Design verknüpfen, um die Fassade perfekt an die Bedürfnisse des Baukörpers und seiner Umgebung anzupassen.

Do you want to create, manage and lead design process-driven organisations? It is practised in interdisciplinary teams and applied to real time projects with the industry where design and management merge into innovation. in Corporate Management, at one of the 25 best internationally oriented universities in the world.

The Master of Business Administration - European - Asian Management program at Hochschule Bremen - International Graduate Center is designed to mold top talents for leadership positions in Europe and Asia.

The richness of the program is based on the unique concept of combining a foundation in the core business disciplines with a focus on either European or Asian business.

The Master's in Management at ESMT Berlin combines internships and a social impact project with applied coursework and research on the latest business and management theories.

The current class is 87% international with students from 39 countries and diverse academic backgrounds.

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